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Using various warm-up movements, cardiovascular exercise, and yoga, I approach each student as an individual with specific needs and goals.

An initial consultation results in a program designed to help with focus, memory retention improvement, cognitive clarity, and reduction of anxiety and stress levels.

In my classes, I teach how to breathe properly in conjunction with the establishment of personal affirmations, which alter the neural pathways in the brain. Habits of mind can be changed from negative to positive.


The result is increased self-esteem, confidence, and better performance in school. In addition, the combination of reviewing vocabulary, math formulas, and other material for assessments and standardized tests while participating in my specialized physical activities create a successful learning environment. Students finish the program feeling reinvigorated, more relaxed, and fit! I will share the details of the step by step program during our consultation, so that you can make an informed decision.



Tutorcise offers solutions to help with your child's overall health, memory retention, and better results in school and on tests. An hour and a half of my method increases crucial oxygen flow to the brain, improves focus and short term memory, and decreases anxiety and stress, all while giving your child a time to stretch the body, participate in cardiovascular activity, and learn to breathe properly and relax.

Do you have a child who is in elementary, middle school or high school? Does he or she spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer screen, either doing homework or surfing the internet? Is the core curriculum adding hours of work and anxiety to your household? Testing is a big part of a student's success at school and on college applications, but it is a cause of stress and concern to both the child and the parents.



Please contact me if you would like to know more about this program and how it can positively impact your child's success in school.




What: An empowering session of relaxation, reconnection, and restoration for students involved in Team sports.

Why: This series for teens offers 60 minute classes that target the physical and mental well-being of teen athletes. Focus on stretching and relaxation of the muscles used in the respective sport, as well as well as a sequence of poses that encourage strength, alignment and balance, complement the students’ training routine. Breath work and visualization result in stress reduction and restorative energy.

Where: Indoor in-person classes suspended during the
COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual and customized outdoor sessions are available.

When: Flexible hours: before or after school

Please contact me to schedule a consultation and for more info on getting started.


Recommendation from a local coach:
"Colleagues, I'd like to throw in a personal vouch for Sharyn's sessions.  This is not the first time she's worked with us, and it makes a great session when you're playing a heavy game schedule and have a pause to recuperate, or when you're feeling tension rise in the team.  I have seen benefits to the athletes on many levels the couple of times we've worked with her.  They've enjoyed it as well.  Sharyn is prepared and professional, the sessions flow nicely, and she's able to work with kids who have never even heard of the poses just as easily as with athletes who have done it before.  I highly recommend taking advantage of her offer in the future if not this season".

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