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Holistic Wellness Consultation

What should a client expect during a Yoga Therapy session?


After completing an intake form prior to the first session, the client will have a short phone
conversation with me to discuss wellness objectives and to answer any questions that may have come up.


Sessions will include breathing techniques, asana, meditation, relaxation techniques, and tools to
promote agreed upon lifestyle changes. We always begin with a centering and grounding practice, followed by an intention-setting
exercise. There may be an assessment related to the wellness objectives, such as a body-mapping
activity or a breathing awareness exercise. A warm-up is next as we go through the 6 movements of the spine to get ready for the physical practice. Breathing techniques will include either a down-regulating or an energizing focus, depending on the needs of the client during the session.

This may change from time to time.


Mudras, symbolic hand gestures that are beneficial to both the body and the mind, are incorporated into each session. Their practice facilitates energy flow that can promote relaxation, inner peace, balance, and concentration. A yoga asana practice reflects the specific wellness objectives that are being worked on, and concludes with a visualization and deep relaxation exercise in order to integrate the work done during the session.

A final check-in about any obvious shifts or outcomes closes our time together.


A short journaling activity and a home practice that is explained are recommended to stay
connected to the process.


Yoga Therapy

More specifically focused than a general yoga class, yoga therapy sessions address many common diseases, injuries, and conditions, and are tailored to the unique needs of an individual or a small group.

Yoga therapy complements allopathic approaches to healing, helping to bring greater physical and emotional relief to clients.

—Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy

Please contact me to schedule a consultation and for more info on getting started.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is an approach to wellness that incorporates practices that support the mind-body connection, with a focus on a person’s entire being. This includes the physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual aspects that make up who we are.

Yoga therapists use ancient practices in conjunction with evidence-based protocols to address both physical and mental health conditions and imbalances. This modality is gaining support in the medical world as scientific research continues to show its effectiveness in complementing and supporting established methods.

An individualized program is created together with the client, which includes pranayama
(breathwork), mudra (hand gestures), asana (poses), yoga nidra (restful relaxation), mantra
(affirmations), and meditation. Many physical and mental health conditions can be addressed
during these sessions.

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